Eastern Cape

Aberdeen Clinic

Corner of Hoop and Beacon Street, Aberdeen, Eastern Cape, 6270

Afsondering Clinic

Close to the Police Station, Makhoba Area, Eastern Cape, Matatiele, Eastern Cape, 4730

Alphendale Clinic

Close to Alphendale High School, Alphen Road, East London, Eastern Cape, 5201

Amabele Clinic

Next to the N63, Amabele, King William's Town, Eastern Cape, 4931

Amahleke Clinic

Near to the Sokudela Funeral Parlour, Dimbaza, Bisho, Eastern Cape, 5671

Amantshangasi Clinic

Near to Kubha Petrol Station, Amantshangasi Location, Bizana, Eastern Cape, 4800

Asherville Clinic

Near to Narsing Street Primary School, Bree Street, Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape, 6280

Askeaton Clinic

Next to Bomndledle Junior School, Askeaton, Eastern Cape, 5413

Aspiranza Clinic

Near to the Fire Department, Robert King Crescent, Buffalo Flats, East London, Eastern Cape, 5209

Bala Clinic

Near to the Masizakhe School, Bala Location, Flagstaff, Eastern Cape, 4810

Baleni Clinic

Next to Baleni Senior Secondary School, Bizana, Eastern Cape, 4800

Bambisana Gateway Clinic

Situated within Bambisana Hospital Grounds, Near to the Bambisana Supermarket, Goqwana Location, Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape, 4820

Bambisana Hospital

Near to Bambisana Supermarket, Goqwana Location, Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape, 4820

Baviaans Clinic

Corner of Phillpott and Sarel Cilliers Streets, Steytlerville, Eastern Cape, 6250

Bedford Clinic

Corner of Grain and Adderly Streets, Bedford, Eastern Cape, 5780

Bengu Clinic

Near to Nozuko Primary School, Lady Frere, Eastern Cape, 5410

Bensonvale Clinic

Next to Bensonvale Junior Secondary School, Bensonvale, Eastern Cape, 9764

Bethania Clinic

Near to Bethania Junior Secondary School, Bethania Administrative Area, Mount Fletcher, Eastern Cape, 4770

Bilatye Clinic

Near to Bilatye Primary School, Bilatye Residential Area, Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape, 5380

Bisho Gateway Clinic

Situated within Bisho Hospital Grounds, Komga Road, Bisho, Eastern Cape, 5605

Bisho Hospital

Next to the Premier's Office, Komga Road, Bisho, Eastern Cape, 5605

Bityi Clinic

Near to Bityi Police Station, Bityi, Mthatha, Eastern Cape, 5103

About Health Sites

Health Sites contains an up-to-date database of health facilities in South Africa, which offer services such as free Medical Male Circumcision (MMC) , HIV Treatment, HIV Counselling and HIV Testing (HCT). Find an MMC clinic and get circumcised. Find a HIV Testing Centre and get tested.

Medical male circumcision (MMC) is the most hygienic, safest way to be circumcised, and the only way to ensure that you get the full sexual and health benefits. Medical circumcisions are performed at MMC clinics and hospitals in South Africa.