Eastern Cape

Amahleke Clinic

Near to the Sokudela Funeral Parlour, Dimbaza, Bisho, Eastern Cape, 5671

Bisho Gateway Clinic

Situated within Bisho Hospital Grounds, Komga Road, Bisho, Eastern Cape, 5605

Fort Grey Clinic

Close to East London Airport, Fort Grey, East London, Eastern Cape, 5201

Fort Grey TB Hospital

Next to Farm Grey Dell Airport Phase 1, Fort Grey Location, Greenfields, Eastern Cape, 5201

Frankfort Clinic

Next to Bisho Hospital, Komga Road, Bisho, Eastern Cape, 5605

Frere Gateway Clinic

Corner of Lennox and Amalinda Drive, Amalinda, East London, Eastern Cape, 5247

Gelvandale Clinic

Corner of Springbok and Bell Roads, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6020

Gompo A Ndebe Clinic

Near to Duncan Police Station, The Duncan Village, Ndende Street, Eastern Cape, 5209

Gompo B Ndebe Clinic

Near to Qamba High School, Jwayi Street, Gompo Town, Pefferville, Eastern Cape, 5209

Gompo C Ndebe Clinic

Near to the Red Cross, Jabavu Street, Gompo Town, Pefferville, Eastern Cape, 5209

Gonubie Clinic

Seventh Street, Gonubie, East London, Eastern Cape, 5257

Govan Mbeki Clinic

16778 Govan Mbeki Street, Govan Mbeki, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6027

Gqebera Clinic

Close to Walmer High Street, Yoyo Street, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6070

Greenfields Clinic

Near to the Shopping Mall, Jan Smuts Street, East London, Eastern Cape, 5201

Imidange Clinic

Peelton Location, King William's Town, Eastern Cape, 5601

Isolomzi Clinic

3 Zimasa Street, Kwanobuhle, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, 6242

Jabavu Street Clinic

Next to Kosile Secondary School, Duncan Village, East London, Eastern Cape, 5201

Korsten Clinic

Livingston Hospital, 8 Stanford Road, Korsten, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6020

Kwelera Clinic

Jongilanga Location, Beacon Bay, East London, Eastern Cape, 5241

Majola Clinic

Next to Majola Store, Majolantaba, Port St Johns, Eastern Cape, 5120

Marselle Clinic

Marselle Clinic, Mjyiza Street, Mguzu, Eastern Cape, 6190

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Health Sites contains an up-to-date database of health facilities in South Africa, which offer services such as free Medical Male Circumcision (MMC) , HIV Treatment, HIV Counselling and HIV Testing (HCT). Find an MMC clinic and get circumcised. Find a HIV Testing Centre and get tested.

Medical male circumcision (MMC) is the most hygienic, safest way to be circumcised, and the only way to ensure that you get the full sexual and health benefits. Medical circumcisions are performed at MMC clinics and hospitals in South Africa.