Eastern Cape

Gompo A Ndebe Clinic

Near to Duncan Police Station, The Duncan Village, Ndende Street, Eastern Cape, 5209

Gompo B Ndebe Clinic

Near to Qamba High School, Jwayi Street, Gompo Town, Pefferville, Eastern Cape, 5209

Gompo C Ndebe Clinic

Near to the Red Cross, Jabavu Street, Gompo Town, Pefferville, Eastern Cape, 5209

Gonubie Clinic

Seventh Street, Gonubie, East London, Eastern Cape, 5257

Goso Forest Clinic

Near to Apostolic Youth Mission Church, Cabekwana Location, Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape, 4820

Govan Mbeki Clinic

16778 Govan Mbeki Street, Govan Mbeki, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6027

Gqaga Clinic

Near to Lower Gqaga Junior Secondary School, Gqaga, Engcobo, Eastern Cape, 5055

Gqebera Clinic

Close to Walmer High Street, Yoyo Street, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6070

Gqogqora Clinic

Close to the High School, Gqogqora Location, Cofimvaba, Eastern Cape, 5380

Gqunqe Clinic

Gqunqe Administrative Area, Centani, Eastern Cape, 4980

Greenfields Clinic

Near to the Shopping Mall, Jan Smuts Street, East London, Eastern Cape, 5201

Gubenxa Clinic

Next to Mgudlwa High School, Gubenxa Village, Engcobo, Eastern Cape, 5050

Gura Clinic

Near to Gura Junior Secondary School, Gura Location, Qumbu, Mthatha, Eastern Cape, 5180

Gwadana Clinic

Near to Gwadana High School, Gwadana, Idutywa, Eastern Cape, 5003

Gwatyu Clinic

Near to Siyavuya School, Gwatyu Village, Queenstown, Eastern Cape, 5320

Gxwederha Clinic

Next to Sisonke Primary School, Jani Location, Alice, Eastern Cape, 5700

Hackney Clinic

Behind the Congregational Church, Hackney, Eastern Cape, 5361

Helenvale Clinic

Next to the Post Office, Gail Road, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6001

Herschel Clinic

Next to Herschel Post Office, Herschel, Eastern Cape, 9756

Hewu Hospital

Near to the Office of Works Department, Whittlesea, Eastern Cape, 5360

Highview Clinic

Nquthu Location, Nquthu AA, Butterworth, Eastern Cape, 4960

Hilton Clinic

Near to Alyt Primary School, Hilton, Aliwal North, Eastern Cape, 9750

Hlabatshane Clinic

Near to Hlabatshane High School, Ngqanda Area, Mqanduli, Eastern Cape, 5080

Hlangalane Clinic

Near to the Methodist Church, Ramatse Location, Ngqayi Administrative Area, Mount Fletcher, Eastern Cape, 4770

Hlankomo Clinic

Next to Mhlontlo Primary School, Hlankomo Administrative Area, Mount Fletcher, Eastern Cape, 4770

Holy Cross Hospital

Near to the Anglican Church, Taweni Location, Flagstaff, Eastern Cape, 4810

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